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Assistir ASSU x Globo FC 12/03/2020 AO VIVO HOJE

ATUALIZAR PÁGINA Assistir ASSU x Globo FC 12/03/2020
Assistir ASSU x Globo FC, 12/03/2020,


Jogo ASSU x Globo FC, Placar ASSU x Globo FC, Resultado ASSU x Globo FC, Palpite ASSU x Globo FC, Prognóstico ASSU x Globo FC

ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo HD Potiguar 2020 ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo 2020 ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo Potiguar ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo em hd Potiguar 2020. jogo do ASSU hoje live | ASSU Ao Vivo | Globo FC Ao Vivo, Globo FC Ao Vivo | jogo do Globo FC hoje | jogo do Globo FC hoje, jogo do Globo FC hoje | jogo do ASSU e Globo FC hoje. jogo do ASSU e Globo FC hoje | ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo 12/03/2020, jogo do ASSU e Globo FC Ao Vivo Potiguar, Assistir ASSU x Globo FC Ao Vivo Em HD 720p

ASSU ao Vivo | Globo FC ao Vivo | Potiguar 2020 ao Vivo.

Rádio 87 FM Vale Verde - Ceara-mirim-RN - Brasil
Radio Nova 89 FM - Assú / RN - Brasil
Rádio Princesa 90.9 FM - Assú / RN - Brasil
Rádio Web Ceará Mirim - Ceara-mirim / RN - Brasil

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    Her name is brenda she is about 5 foot 7 inches and she was on the slim side but not too much her tits are not the biggest in the school but still well looked good on her.

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    She appeared to have more erogenous zones than three other women combined.
    Licking and kissing her nipples her rock hard nipples would have her moaning with pleasure instantly.
    When driving in the motor car she often wore tight slacks and just a light touch from me between her legs would have her moaning and telling me, That is turning me on.
    The first time we made love was after an alcohol affected lunch and the sex was below par.
    The next time was awe inspiring.

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    Fatima paced anxiously in the living room waiting for Irfaan to pick her up for gym. This was all his idea. Hed ended up being the same stranger from the park. She couldnt believe her handsome stranger had turned out to be the same guy she was supposed to meet as a marriage proposition. Her fathers business partner had wanted Fatima and his son to meet each other.

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    A common day in Wisconsin, snow lightly covered the ground and the roads were slick with ice. In front of a average looking house on a normal looking street lived a 19 year old boy who lived a generally normal life except for the fact he dabbled in the occult. Its not that he didnt believe in god, he just believed that there were demons. Demons that could be controlled with the right spell and incantation.
    Dalton, for that was the kids name, thought he had finally found the right book, the cover was bound in what appeared leather (not sure if it was animal or human). The entire book was filled with faded letterings, what appeared to be Latin. A few of the incantations were too faded to physically reproduce but some of the spells were perfectly legible.

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    We all sat in the room, giggling nervously as Mr. Anderson drank another monster. You know, being 14-15 year olds, its fun to be sitting in the teacher bathrooms after school with a teacher. Well not alone, we had a huge drama production coming up so we needed a few all nighters to get us through you know? Anyways for get me, I am just so happy and excited!
    Kenny, your turn! Cammy giggled. She is my best friend, she is mixed and has really rad hair! It like curly and fluffy and just, rad! And she had such pretty curves with a large ass, and very nice tits, not my cup of tea if you catch my drift.

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    My Neighbourtravels quite frequently on business and leaves her wife home alone. I dont know if things just happen to break while dad is gone, or she waits until then to call me. Sometimes he will call me in advance to go fix something at their house, telling me how long he will be out of town. Is all this coincidental?

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    Jessica age 21 looking for a summer job, when she was given an address in the industrial section of town, and after a bit of searching she found what looked like an old warehouse. It is definitely the right place, the sign Hot Model Photo Studio hung above the door, and she knocked quietly and nervously, she is starting to tremble. The door opened and she is greeted by me. Im smiling warmly, I extend my hand. Hi, Im John, and Im guessing that you must be Jessica? Hi. She said, taking my hand and shaking it, a little too weakly. Hm. Jessica. Cute, I said with a grin. I briefly look her up and down, eyes resting on her breasts for a second before meeting her gaze. Well come in, Im sure youd like to see the studio and get started. I gestured for her to follow me inside the warehouse, and when she did, her nerves started to ease a little. Inside is a very professional looking setup with various lights set up around a couch, a table, a chair, a blank screen and a bed. There are various still and video cameras on stands, these big silver umbrella looking things which they use to reflect the light and lots of different screens for backgrounds plus several wardrobes with outfits and props. There is also a fairly sophisticated looking office set up with a couple of computers and some other technical looking equipment that must have been for picture editing.

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    Tomorrow, Monday was football tryouts. This meant I would have to go get cleats, under armor and gloves.
    I had about $1000 dollars left in my account from my last job. So I was good on money. I just needed to get there.
    I hopped in the shower, reminiscing the week prior to this, beating my meat. I had almost completely given up trying to find out why it happened so sudden. I felt my climax, shooting rope, after rope of my pearl white cum hitting the walls and shower curtains.

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    Yes, President Woodward is very eager for it, said Adelia. The talk show host shifted as she sat beside me. She was a beautiful woman with caramel skin, her black hair swaying about her face. I was being interviewed on her afternoon show. Our talk was being streamed across the world. Do you have a close relationship with your mother.—Futas-First-Arab-Passion-Chapter-1-Novas-Cuckolding-Wedding-Night-06-13

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    Tormenting Kim in a series of brutal scissors and a back bending
    grapevine, Shannon holds her young opponent in a hammerlock, while she
    recovers. She doesnt want to end the fall just yet and she was going to
    make Kim suffer…
    Shannon applied a little pressure to Kims already aching arm, trying to
    nudge the blonde into an escape attempt. It was also an excuse to press
    her body closer. Her thighs pushed against Kims plump ass, and Shannon
    could feel the warm touch of their per spiring bodies.

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    His cock throbbed a bit and grew as he figured that Jenny must have followed him.
    Carefully he zipped up and flushed, leaving the stall to wash his hands.
    Standing near the sink was Jenny, her cigarette hanging from her lips, semi dressed in a too short cheerleaders skirt and an open top that really racked her breasts up.
    So I was thinking, why bother doing all the work yourself when I can have someone do it for me? Jenny said in a coy and girly voice.

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    Jake stared at Jody, he saw her through different eyes following the experience of the previous few days.
    He noticed her big boobs for the first time in his life. The contour of her body was very appealing to his new eye for the ladies, so appealing that he felt his cock start to stiffen.

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    Come in, Brandyn said, rising. His left hand rested on the pommel of the dagger belted to his side. You can never be too cautious in times of war.

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    I laughed and said,
    Im just doing my job.
    I know you are.I couldnt help but to notice you, because you are a nice guy and all.I dont usually do anything like this; honestly, Ive never done anything like this.Would you come to my place for the night?Its been a long time since Ive been with a man, and to be honest, Im really lonely.And no, Im not a psycho or have any diseases..

  86. TimothySteni

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    This is another of the older stories from my Lust journal (its a red journal, so my nom de plume is RedLust). Its about 2 years old and I did have to expand it for the contest. It isnt so much a story as a scene, just a little glimpse of one sexual act.
    Like many of the things I wrote back then it is in second person (meaning: you); and that is not to everyones taste, I know, but it seemed to fit the contests requirement of anonymity.

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    She stood on the platform, impatiently waiting to see if she could *finally* go home to see her mother for the first time in months. Shed been so busy with work and was having a lot of issues with her boyfriend, she barely had time to arrange some downtime and seeing her family.

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    Youre supposed to be setting us a good example. Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates.
    Fu…To Hell with that! I laughed, I deserve one after a walk like that.
    Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; Do you really want a smoke?

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    The first night we went to the movies turned out to be a most memorable one.My Daddy wanted a blow job.He didnt care who was around, or if they saw, he only wanted to release and release he did.He unzipped his pants and pulled them down away from his cock then took his hand and wrapped it around the back of my neck.

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    Every day was different when working at the police station, but Carol was still taken aback by what she discovered when she walked into work. She was surprised when she walked into the main area to be greeted by the chief inspector Stan, who was standing next to a woman of early 30s, wearing a red latex outfit that showed an ample amount of her cleavage, which Carol could only guess was DD.

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    Jesus Tabitha, you said youd be home 2 hours ago. Im gonna need a jump now, I complained as I slammed my car door. Well, the skinny red head started, locking her pink mountain bike to the rack, that is what youre here for isnt it? I gave only an amiable smile as the double entendre wouldnt dawn on me for another moment. Well where the heck have you been?

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    Ted turned on more rock music at the house and asked if Larry and Joan would like to smoke some weed to keep the party going.The four of them sat around and got high and eventually, the topic of conversation turned to sex.

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    I could see the fear on her face as we waited and waited.
    After a forty-five minute wait because the doctor had some sort of emergency he had to deal with, the door opened and the doctor came in. The long wait and the anticipation made us both as wound up as people can be. Every nerve in my body felt electric. And then…

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    At stake in the preliminary talks is whether the twomainstream parties can agree on tax measures, a minimum wage andinfrastructure investment to rebalance Europe’s biggest economy,and form a government with broad enough public backing to tacklethe euro zone’s banking and debt problems.

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    In 2012, just 46% of UK employees had a pension scheme, compared to more than 55% a decade ago. Despite the growth in the country’s population, membership of workplace-based schemes fell to 8.2m in 2011 said the ONS, the lowest level since the 1950s.

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    The diplomat was called in after a difficult year which saw violent street protests linked to the union flag dispute, increased tensions over parades and controversy over a proposed peace centre at the site of the former Maze Prison.

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    The same scenario was unfolding in the eighth inning Sunday afternoon. But Pettitte slowed down after failing to get a fastball by Pablo Sandoval and giving up a double. Pettitte’s sprint became a jog. He was still mad at himself, sure, but he seemed to know Sunday was bigger than that one pitch, one blunder, even with the Yanks’ postseason hopes fading closer to black.

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    Only four were traditional grade schools that accept students from geographic zones. The rest were charter schools, gifted-and-talented programs and middle schools that are sought out and require admissions. Their students have benefited from one of the hallmarks of the Bloomberg years — a dramatic boost in parental ability to take advantage of top programs. The lesson for would-be mayors is that choice drives achievement.

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    Oregon State Police fielded more than 130 tips after authorities issued an Amber Alert for DiMaggio and his blue Nissan Versa with California license plates. A possible sighting was reported in northeast California near Alturas Wednesday afternoon, followed by another about 50 miles along the same highway near Lakeview, in south-central Oregon.

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    He told a conference on regulatory reform and enforcement that comparisons with the US over bribery are “misleading,” saying that it took more than 20 years for its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to allow his American counterparts “to hit their stride” in this area.

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    Diversification has been the way forward for the country's media, too, ever since King Jigme Singye Wangchuck abdicated in favour of his son Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck in 2006 and announced that Bhutan would become a democracy.

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    Whatcha lookin at? Kim’s stepbrother Brandon Jenner looks to be getting an eyeful of the pregnant star’s buxom chest while he joined her and wife Leah Felder at the frozen yogurt shop. Perhaps he was just puzzling Kardashian’s odd maternity choices just like the rest of us!

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    Fisher is among the most hawkish of U.S. central bank policymakers, and his views are often at odds with those at the core of the Fed’s policy-setting committee. He is not a voter on the committee this year.

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    “Having the actual field experience is priceless,” Buckley said. “Just by putting learned methods into practice, you gain so much more knowledge.” She is now applying to graduate schools across the country, plans to earn an M.A and Ph.D. in archaeology and would like work in Mexico or Central America and teach at a university.

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    And despite being one of BHP Billiton’s leastprofitable businesses, the world’s third-biggest nickel divisiononly saw a 2,000-tonne drop in quarterly production from theprevious and year-ago quarters.

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    About 5,000 of the job cuts will come from the company’s German operations, with roughly 2,000 coming from its industry division, 1,400 each from the energy, infrastructure and cities unit. The health-care division won’t be affected because it carried out its own restructuring a year earlier, serving as the prototype for the rest of the company.

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    The 2008 scandal, in particular, shredded public confidencein Chinese dairy companies, opening the door to foreign formulafirms, which have now grabbed about half of the total market andcan sell for more than double the price of local formula.

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    Kenya says it will not pull its troops out of Somalia, as the militants demand. But there is real fear that either the authorities or people on the street will retaliate against ethnic Somalis inside Kenya. This will only worsen ethnic divisions and possibly push more into the hands of these radical groups. 

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    “The teen retailers seem to be not in style or in vogue at this point in time for their target consumers,” said Bryan Keane, portfolio manager of the Alpine Global Consumer Growth Fund. “That usually does not turn around quickly,”

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    The storm should parallel the west coast of Mexico Thursday and “is quickly nearing hurricane strength,” according to an online bulletin from the hurricane center. It could hit as a hurricane later Thursday.

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    The situation in Syria, however, is completely different. We must act with our allies to punish those responsible for gassing civilians, subject to the identity of the perpetrators being determined, and the action being carefully targeted, to minimise civilian casualties.

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    The regulator alleged that Fujinaga also fired an assistant who had tried to stop the document shredding company Shred-It from picking up boxes of documents from MRI, after the SEC had in March ordered MRI not to throw documents out.

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    A comparison of an undated photo released by Greek authorities of “Maria,” a girl found living in a Gypsy camp, and an age-progression image of Lisa Irwin, right, who disappeared from a Kansas City, Mo. home in 2011. Lisa was 10 months old when she vanished. She would turn 3 years old in November.

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    Brazilian newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo had said in anarticle published on its website late on Monday thatThyssenKrupp had agreed to sell a majority stake in CSA toCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), giving nodetails of its sources.

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    Recent history shows these fights can hurt pay TV providers, who lose subscribers when they sign with rivals. Last summer, satellite operator DirecTV said its cancellation rate increased when Viacom’s networks including Nickelodeon and MTV went dark for 10 days.

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    The trouble is, we’ve developed an appetite for it. Michael Moss, an investigative reporter at The New York Times and author of Fat, Sugar and Salt: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, has researched the history of processed food. Among those he interviewed was the food scientist Steven Witherly, the author of an industry report called Why Humans Like Junk Food. Witherly sang the praises of Cheetos, exactly the sort of ultra-processed food that people eat when they don’t cook for themselves. “This is one of the most marvellously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure,” said Witherly. The crucial factor? “It’s called vanishing caloric density. If something melts down quickly in your mouth, your brain thinks there’s no calories in it… you can just keep eating it forever.” Reading this, food processing sounds like a battle for control – of your appetite, your wallet, your very character. In Western Europe alone, £9.5 billion-worth of ready meals are sold every year. The UK has the largest share of that market, spending £2.5 billion on ready meals annually.

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    NEW YORK – The New York Times Co has agreed to sell The Boston Globe to the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team for $70 million in cash, a small fraction of what the Times paid for the newspaper 20 years ago.

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    “The results do not support the common argument from the running shoe industry that runners with higher body mass should be recommended shoes with greater shock-absorption characteristics,” said lead author Daniel Theisen of the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of the Department of Public Health in Luxembourg.

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    Ofcom has relaxed its licencing rules on spectrum in the 900MHz, 1,800MHz and 2,100MHz frequency bands, after it allowed EE to use a chunk of its 1,800MHz spectrum for 4G, beating competitors to the punch. The decision was expected after the watchdog launched a consultation in February.

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    Hazards editor Rory O’Neill, professor of occupational health at Stirling University and author of the report, said: “The Government’s cynical promotion of a compensation culture myth means many workers who are dying in pain are also dying in poverty.

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    German Catholics also pay a compulsory tax to the Church as part of their income tax, and many are shocked by the apparent financial waste – prompting some to stage demonstrations outside the bishop's residence in Limburg, a town in Hesse near Frankfurt-on-Main.

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    The ‘resolution board’ that decides on bank wind-downs willalso be forbidden from imposing decisions on countries, such asdemanding the closure of a bank, if that would result in a billfor that nation’s taxpayer.

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    But Mickelson insisted that the US stuck to their gameplan, Davis Love did not grasp the moment to overrule him and Europe were allowed to claw at the wreckage to locate a lifeline. Fair enough, Mickelson is 43 and suffers from arthritis. For his part, Bradley seemed able to scale the Eiger never mind play another fourball.

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    Mr Bridgen said that MPs were asked before Parliament broke up for the long summer recess whether they would be happy to be called back to debate the life of Nelson Mandela, in the event of the former South African president’s death.

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    A Department of Health spokesman said: “The NHS is already on track to make £20bn of efficiency savings by 2015 by making changes to the way it works — changes that will continue to deliver savings beyond 2015.”

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    The road to the Super Bowl begins now with the opening of the regular season, but may require a few snowplows and shovels on Feb. 2. The idea that the weather may stink is not catching anybody by surprise.

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    Mr Cameron is facing demands to set out the legal justification for military action against Syria amid mounting unease over the scale and speed of Britain’s commitment to another conflict in the Middle East.

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    Last month, at least 47 people died after a disgruntled street vendor set fire to a bus in the southeastern city of Xiamen. State media said the man had become depressed after being “bullied” by government security enforcers, known in China as “chengguan.”

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    Analysis of the Dunquin North well, drilled by its partnerExxon Mobil, however, still found indications of thepotential for oil to be found in the area, keeping alive hopesof big offshore discoveries in the area.

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    Herbert, born in Uniondale, L.I., said he sketched in high school, but it was never his intention to make a living out of his art. He never went to college and instead dreamed of becoming a voice-over actor.

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    Nord LB noted it had completed an extensive capital conversion and boosting programme in 2012. “Our earnings potential will enable us to bolster our capital further. We will meet the regulatory and market challenges coming up,” it said.

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    It is a winner of The Guardian newspaper’s ‘Ethical Travel Award’ with tourists’ comfort provided in the most sustainable way possible. But it is not just about those who come to visit.

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    Marion Bartoli won her first major title Saturday, defeating Sabine Lisicki 6-1, 6-4 in the Wimbledon final. Bartoli won six straight games to take the first set and five in a row to seize control in…

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    Controversially, npower also predicts that commodity prices will actually fall back to 2007 levels by 2020. The company says its analysis is based on the Government’s own figures but strips out the impact of the Treasury’s carbon tax, which will push up power prices and which npower counts as a policy cost.

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    In Gesualdo’s best madrigals, like this one, the urge towards the Golden Mean makes itself felt, too. At first we feel almost lost in the music’s sighs and cries, but by the end, a precarious order is restored.

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    A resident of Barawe — a seaside town 150 miles south of Mogadishu — said by telephone that heavy gunfire woke up residents before dawn prayers. An al-Shabab fighter who gave his name as Abu Mohamed said “foreign” soldiers attacked a house, prompting militants to rush to the scene to capture a foreign soldier. Mohamed said that effort was not successful.

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    He said: “I am absolutely shocked at the way our youngsters are not getting any employment. They leave school and go on the dole, and it is like building the foundations but then never building the house. It is heart breaking to see. If the government doesn’t do something about it very soon then we as a nation are going to be in a bigger mess than we are in now.”

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    Honeymoon state! Newlyweds Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish can’t keep their hands off each other as they arrive back in Los Angeles on Sept. 3, 2013 after getting married in Montana a few days earlier.

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    The finance ministry also said on Tuesday that sales oflocally produced automobiles fell by 8.5 percent from a yearearlier in June, marking the sharpest decline since February,due to lacklustre demand for mid-sized cars.

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    Wolf’s office is claiming that a “reporting error” was made when the ban was placed, saying that the law does not actually include prohibitions on individual Chinese citizens. In clarification, Wolf’s office sent a memo to NASA saying “it places no restrictions on activities involving individual Chinese nationals unless those nationals are acting as official representatives of the Chinese government.”

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    The trilogy is known for its depiction of BDSM — a sexual practice that stands for bondage and discipline; dominance and submission; and sadism and masochism. Despite the power differential inherent in BDSM, practitioners take the rules of consent and negotiated boundaries seriously, according to those familiar with the practice. Yet Bonomi points out that “all those things are violated in the book.”

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    During a testy exchange in the Commons in 2010, Mr Burns, then a health minister, insulted Mr Bercow about his height. He later apologised to a group representing people with dwarfism for any offence caused, but not to the Speaker himself.

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    The White House said Obama teed off Saturday with Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, co-hosts of the sports network’s “Pardon the Interruption” talk show. Saturday was Kornheiser’s 65th birthday.

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    The company also recently declared a quarterly dividend, which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th. Investors of record on Thursday, August 15th will be given a dividend of $0.49 per share. This represents a $1.96 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 3.80%. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Tuesday, August 13th.

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    Those lawsuits were halted by a Michigan Appeals Court panelon Tuesday in response to State Attorney General Bill Schuette’srequest to stop proceedings while he seeks to overturn ordersissued by a lower court judge hearing the cases. One of thoseorders directs Orr to withdraw the bankruptcy petition on stateconstitutional grounds.

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    The FPC was recently given greater powers by the Treasury to spot asset bubbles, amid growing fears the Government’s Help to Buy scheme is pushing house prices too high too quickly. Help to Buy is designed to make it easier for potential homebuyers with a 5pc deposit to get a mortgage.

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    Salmond was interviewed about the Royal Family on a programme a couple of years ago. From what I remember he said it could take up to ten years to sort out all the complexities of independence. Not altering the position of the Queen would just be one less thing to sort out. He made noises about what a good job she did but I did not see any enthusiasm and it probably meant for the rest of her lifetime.

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    Even attempts at social commentary here are embarrassingly one-dimensional. One hip coffeeshop brags that its tea is exploited from the Third World. There’s the Whole Foods-like store with a “shop with superiority” slogan, and a dumpster-diving movement of “freegans” are described as “nonproductive members of society by choice.” Perhaps they need to go back and take tips from “South Park,” a series that started around the same time.

  516. Lucius

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    The success of drugs such as Kadycla and Perjeta, as well asits GA101 follow-on to top-seller Rituxan, are a key test of itsability to fend off competition from cheaper copies known as”biosimilars”.

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    For YES it will be a momentous occasion. No doubt Michael Kay has been feverishly preparing one of his over-the-top, sappy introductions, where the words “mind’s eye,” “autumn” and “pinstripes” (at least five times) will be used.

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    Amnesty’s Fransika Vilma said: “We must be careful because some two million people have crossed the borders. There are also four million more who’ve remained inside the country and are now homeless. Against this background we can only hope that Germany increases this programme, but also ask the EU to take part in a much more important way.”

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    States, including Texas and Virginia, and industry groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had filed petitions askingthe justices to review the regulations, arguing they would posean economic burden to implement, among other complaints. (Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Editing by Howard Goller, GeraldE. McCormick and Andre Grenon)

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    SYDNEY, Oct 16 (Reuters) – Asian stocks marked time onWednesday with nervous investors praying that frantic talks inWashington to avert a U.S. debt default could lead to a dealbefore the Oct 17 deadline, after which the government would runout of ways to borrow.

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    “[I] stand to lose a huge chunk of pay if politicians continue to play chicken with our lives for their own purposes,” she said. “Think about it — how would you like to lose an unspecified number of weeks of your paycheck, [versus] not being able to play tourist for a while?”

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    Prices of RINs have been high and volatile for months -soaring from a few cents each in January to almost $1.50 in Julyto about 50-70 cents this month – in the face of stagnant demandfor gasoline and U.S. law that dictates the rising volumes ofrenewable fuels.

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    The manager online purchase cialis australia @ 316.Sensibly Reckless “The difference is intent. There’s a difference between someone making a troll threat to provoke an emotional response and another that suggests they’ll act” – but equally, after bombarding a stranger with threats of rape/physical harm, it’s no defence to bleat “I’m a troll, I didn’t mean it”. The law asks whether reasonable people would infer a credible threat of harm.

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    Finnerty’s wife told investigators that he had a past addiction to painkillers but had not taken any drugs since spending time in a rehabilitation center more than a year earlier. Jennifer Finnerty said it wasn’t the first time he had a “paranoid” episode.

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    Hefty borrowings through banks, investment trusts and thebond market by Jiangsu’s provincial, city and county governmentshave saddled the province north of Shanghai with debt far higherthan its peers, public records show.

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    The Royals had only one hit through three innings and two after six innings. They scored two runs on three hits in the seventh against Scherzer. Salvador Perez had an RBI groundout and Emilio Bonifacio pulled Kansas City without four runs with a run-scoring double.

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    ‘Regulations which guarantee the quality of devices is already in place thanks to the ECITA – we have an audit every six months when a representative goes through our products and we are forbidden to sell our products to under 18s. It’s not law, but it is in our ECITA regulations,’ Dunwoth tells MT.

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    I phone Janet Ellis – she has one of those warm, gorgeous voices that bubbles away – and ask her about how she felt about being a gran. “Becoming a grandparent changes relationships in the family overnight,” Janet says. She was lucky, for her it was a positive experience, although this transition can be tricky for many families, as they settle into the new order.

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    On seeing action before the regular season, he said “Maybe in the third preseason game—but as far as my understanding goes, preseason is not really in the air, is not a worry at all. I feel like I can play, and Coach feels like I can play, without any preseason. No need, really, for that.”

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    The bank planned to keep rates at a record low untilunemployment fell to 7 percent from 7.8 percent, but itsGovernor Mark Carney also said the UK economy was not “at escapevelocity right now” and the legacy of the financial crisis meantthat the recovery remained weak by historical standards.

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    Nasdaq paid down $98 million in debt in the last quarter andexpects to return to its long-term leverage target in the firsthalf of 2014, which would give it more flexibility indeal-making, or to resume its share buy-back program, which itput on hold after the recent acquisitions.

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    WalesOnline is part of Media Wales, publisher of the Western Mail, South Wales Echo, Wales on Sunday and the seven Celtic weekly titles, offering you unique access to our audience across Wales online and in print.

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    Pearlstein is seeking to represent a class of “thousands” ofshareholders who bought stock between Sept. 27, 2012, when thecompany touted its strong financial position, and Sept. 20 ofthis year, when it revealed it would have to write down between$930 million and $960 million related to unsold BlackBerry 10devices, according to the lawsuit.

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    Julianne Hough and her sweetheart Ryan Seacrest jetted to St. Barts after a big week. Earlier in the week Seacrest hosted the New York City New Year’s Eve ball drop while Hough opened up in an interview that she’d been abused as child. Much needed time off for the two!

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    Though Kubiak said the team “can’t survive” if Schaub continues to make those kinds of mistakes, he’s not ready to make a switch even though some Texans fans are burning Schaub jerseys and a sign over one Houston area freeway is calling for his ouster.

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    The BMWi Genius software, created in collaboration with London Brand Management in a partnership facilitated by Vizeum and The Bakery, allows potential customers to text in questions from their mobiles about the new i3 car.

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    Those adjectives would be entirely inappropriate to describe the rest of Australia's batting, which folded in the face of a fine spell of reverse swing bowling from Anderson and some sharp turn from Swann.

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    Knutsson, one of the five founders of King who between themhold 25 percent, is also part of the 10-strong Swedish team thatcame up with Candy Crush. It combines elements of other populargames – the shiny graphics of Bejewelled, the candies of CandyLand and the grid-like action of Tetris.

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    Dennis Lockhart, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, takes part in a panel discussion titled ”Twist and Shout: The Limits of U.S. Monetary Policy” at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California May 1, 2012.

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    In comparison, UBS analyst John Hodulik said in a September research note that Vodafone would trade at 4.7 times EBITDA estimates for 2015, after it has sold the Verizon Wireless stake. UBS bankers advised Vodafone in its Verizon deal.

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    “I felt that when I did win trials and when I did beat Katherine, I’d learnt enough to do it on my own. I guess that’s the wonderful unknown of sport, I don’t know for sure if I could be the whole package but it will be the finding out that will be the exciting part.”

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    The report, written by the writer and health campaigner Camilla Cavendish, found that some healthcare assistants were carrying out tasks that should be done by fully trained doctors or nurses.

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    So what is of help in masterclasses? Probably the most impressive that I’ve ever seen were run by David Zinman, who is one of the few seriously front-rank conductors to attempt to teach the business of conducting: a notoriously amorphous art. For years he’s done this every summer with his orchestra, the Tonhalle Zurich. In public. And he starts by welcoming the audience to, as he says, “whatever this might be: not a rehearsal, not a concert. Let’s just call it an encounter. Hopefully a meaningful one”.

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    ROME, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Struggling Italian carrierAlitalia will seek a capital increase of at least 100 millioneuros ($135 million), it said on Thursday after reportinganother heavy loss for its first half.

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    Impressive though the passive location technology may be, it also has the potential to unnerve the unsuspecting person. You may not even realize the feature is on and tracking your every start and stop until you receive your first alert, which arrives automatically without your initial approval. People can turn off the feature and adjust the volume of notifications, but the goal is to make these predictive suggestions the essence of the service, not just an add-on.

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    Juror B37, a woman in her late forties with shoulder length brown hair, said she used to go to the shooting range with her husband and has basic familiarity with a gun. She opted not to renew her concealed carry permit, she said, because she doesn’t own one.

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    No. 10 UCLA visits No. 13 Stanford. The Cardinal have won the last five meetings in the series, including two games last season. They’ll be looking to bounce back after their shocking loss to Utah, so the Bruins need to avoid being overconfident.

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    KBC said in a statement on Tuesday it had agreed to sell thebusiness to several investors including affiliates of TeacherRetirement System of Texas, Apollo Global Management, LLC, Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. andGrovepoint Capital LLP.

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    The start of Tuesday’s first race featured classic match-racing drama. New Zealand miscalculated and bumped Oracle, which had the right of way, as it maneuvered to block its rival on the approach to the line.

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    The data unearthed by Labour helps to fill in some of of these gaps for some areas of the country, but we need to be cautious about extrapolating nationwide and drawing the conclusion, as the Independent has done, that 96% won’t be able to downsize.

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    Both sides have too much political capital invested in the argument to back down. Whoever loses the fight will be seriously wounded, but failure to agree might send America, and the rest of the world, into intensive care.

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    But after spending a week in Clifford Chance’s Canary Wharf offices last year conducting due diligence on the case, Vannin decided not to back the dispute – despite the potential £30m to £50m returns on the $1.6bn (£1bn) claim.

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    Holidays can make or break our relationship. With a car, I mean. We consider boot space more for its daily consumption or weekends away than all the wetsuits, canoes, bicycles and assorted paraphernalia a holiday can entail. Quite right, too, or we’d all be driving in Chrysler Grand Voyagers and Ford Tourneos.

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    The Open Rights Group, Big Brother Watch and English PEN, alongwith German internet activist Constanze Kurz, have filed papers atthe European Court of Human Rights bringing action against the UKGovernment.

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    Martinez extended his hitting streak to 14 games, batting .446 during that stretch with 10 runs scored and nine RBIs, for the Tigers (51-41) to remain 2-1/2 games ahead of the second-placed Cleveland Indians in the American League Central.

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    “When the movie started, I kind of woke up but I woke up not to the movie, but more like something felt wrong to me but nothing was happening yet,” Han told “I wasn’t really sure what it was and kind of blew it off.”

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    Crow was forced to revisit her relationship with Armstrong five years after it ended when federal investigators launched the criminal probe that hastened Armstrong’s downfall. The Daily News reported last year that Crow spoke with investigators in late 2011.

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    Newfound fossils hint that flowering plants arose 100 million years earlier than scientists previously thought, suggesting flowers may have existed when the first known dinosaurs roamed Earth, researchers say.

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    Time was running short for lawmakers to avert a partialshutdown of the government beginning Tuesday when the new fiscalyear begins. Congress was struggling to pass an emergencyfunding bill, but Tea Party-backed Republicans in the Housesought to use the must-do bill to gut the new healthcareoverhaul known as Obamacare or enact other Tea Party policies.

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    The drug has long been a problem there because production continued after the end of WWII – when it was given to troops to keep them alert – and the necessary chemicals were made there during the communist era, says Pietschmann.

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    Gabriel Furshong, senior campaign director for the Montana Wilderness Association, which supports the Tester bill, said the House bill “reprises the old approach (on forest issues) of one group and one political party advocating their own solution.”

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    On a recent trip there, villagers coerced three cows into Houla Lake, each animal on a leash, then persuaded them to swim behind an aluminum canoe which had previously been used to carry bags of flour. In government-held territory on the other side of the lake, the cows will fetch several hundred dollars, a handsome sum considering the rising cost of keeping cattle.

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    PHW communicable disease control consultant Dr Jorg Hoffmann said: “This case of measles comes only three months after the end of Wales' biggest ever measles outbreak… so we are obviously concerned and want to act quickly.

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    DiMaio testified that Zimmerman, 29, had at least six injuries after his clash with Martin – including two on the back of his head that appeared to indicate impacts with concrete – one on each temple, one on his forehead and one on his nose.

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    “I’ve seen it time after time,” Johnston said. “On difficult issues, powerful men and women are going toe to toe, sometimes civilly, sometimes acrimoniously. Lindy Boggs will come into the room. The debate will change. By the time she leaves the room, she usually has what she came to get.”

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    Ch Insp Sue Robinson, deputy chairwoman of Acpo's alcohol harm reduction group, said: “When we should be working in local communities tackling priorities set for us, we are more than likely to be addressing drunkenness and alcohol-related crime and disorder.”

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    Director Bong Joon-Ho’s latest work is about survivors of a frozen earth forced to ride a train in perpetual motion, and the social unrest that develops among its segregated passengers. It is set for European release at the end of October.

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    The Congress tally would drop to 102 seats from the 206 it now holds in the 545-member lower house of parliament if voting in the election were to reflect the poll, conducted for the India TV and Times Now networks and released late on Wednesday.

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    The new satellite will spend about eight days adjusting its orbit so that it circles about 22,300 miles above Earth. It will then unfurl its solar panel wings and deploy two antennas to begin on-orbit checkouts prior to being put into service sometime next year.

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    The rise is significant becomes it comes amid a recent pickup in mortgage rates. The interest on a 30-year, fixed-ratemortgage was 4.51% as of Thursday, more than a percentage point higher than the level in early May. Rates are still lowhistorically, but some people in the real-estate industry fear that if rates continue to rise significantly, home saleswill slow and be a drag on the broader economy.

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    If there was ever a “poster child” for government run amuck it would be the Washington D.C. city council. The city has never fully recovered from the riots that wrecked the commercial sector in the late 1960s – and the council just stuck a knife in the back of its best chance to do so in some time.

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    The dispute over trust properties between rival factions of Osho’s followers has taken an extraordinary turn with the faction controlling Osho’s properties producing a purportedly certified copy of Osho’s will, 23 years after his death.

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    The 21-year-old “Buckwild” star was found dead in a truck in Sissonville, W. Va., along with two other bodies, on April 1, 2013. It was later said Gandee had died of carbon monoxide poisoning while “mudding,” or off-roading through mud, in his 1984 Ford Bronco.

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    “It’s terrible looking, but it actually looked a little bit better today,” Leyland said. “The knee’s still pretty sore. It is what it is. Hopefully, we can get him healthy, because as a manager, you almost feel bad sometimes playing him. … I can see that he’s hurting some, but he wanted to play today, and I put him in there.”

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    “Options traders are clearly bearish in their long-termestimations of where J.C. Penney stock will be by the early partthe new year,” said Gareth Feighery, a founder of optionseducation firm in Philadelphia.

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    The authority said it had conducted a total of 876 tests, including 372 out of competition from May 2009 to July 2013, adding that WADA had visited in July last year and “expressed satisfaction” with its development under its new commissioners.

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    BRUSSELS, Oct 16 (Reuters) – The European Union on Wednesdayrevived a proposal to charge foreign airlines for emissions overEuropean airspace, drawing the ire of airline groups who say itgoes against spirit of a recent global aviation deal and couldreignite trade tensions.

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